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News Roundup
News Roundup: 20th January – 26th January
25 Jan 2018

Turkey’s offensive against Syrian Kurds     On 21 January, the Turkish military bombed Afrin, a Kurdish-controlled city in northern Syria. Referring to...

News Roundup
News Roundup: 13th January – 19th January
19 Jan 2018

Suspending Recognition of Israel               Last Sunday, 14 January, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas claimed Israel “killed the...

MEI Kaleidoscope | Arabic Calligraphy: The Art of Arts
20 Dec 2017

By Zafirah Mohamed Zein 20 December 2017     Arabic calligraphy was born out of the period when the dawn of Islam was rising from...

MEI Infusions | Religion and the Silk Road
18 Dec 2017

The Silk Road was just not a path for the exchange of goods and artefacts, but also a focal point for the spread...

In The Spotlight
Countries in the Spotlight | Morocco
08 Aug 2017

Moroccans taking part in the 2011 protests (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons) Latest Developments Morocco has been rocked by anti-government protests for the last 10 months during...