MEI Salon: Middle East Up Close and Personal


MEI Salon: Middle East Up Close and Personal


MEI Salon: Middle East Up Close and Personal

The Middle East Institute invites you to the premiere of MEI Salon. A series of special events conducted in casual relaxed settings aimed at making Middle Eastern culture more accessible to everyone. We strip away the academic jargon, and keep things light-hearted and interactive with topics that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Here are three reasons why you’ll be interested:

  • It is not all talk and no action.  Apart from a brief sharing session on a particular theme/topic, every Salon event will also have a hands-on activity. You could learn how to make a Middle Eastern dish or play an instrument or how to put on the ghutrah (Male Arabic headgear)!


  • The Discourse. You get to decide how the discussion should flow. No moderator, no Chatham House rules, no preferred Q&A structure. (Just don’t hog the floor)


  • Your time to shine. Not an expert but fascinated by a facet of the Middle East? You are most welcomed to be one of our speakers at a future Salon event.

Eager to be part of this exciting cultural endeavour? Register as soon as possible as seats are extremely limited. Our first serving of the salon will be  a conversation about comics and graphic novels as well as an acoustic demo and hands-on session at playing the oud!

Event Details

Assistant Professor Gretchen Head, Yale-NUS Yazeed Al Abdat, Samrah Al Mazikaty

MEI Staff Lounge, Level 7 Blk B, 29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace Singapore 119620

About the Speaker

Assistant Professor Gretchen Head

Humanities, Yale-NUS



Yazeed Al Abdat

Oud Player cum Singer, Samrah al Mazikaty